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    Register Today: May 27 - 30, 2016

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    Gurmat Camp

    SYANA Camp Dates: July 3 to 9, 2016

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The Sikh Youth Alliance of North America (SYANA) is an organization striving to preserve the Sikh heritage amongst Sikh youth across North America. The mission is simple: to inspire our youth to fall in love with the Guru’s message and put those principles into daily practice.

  • Gurmat Camp

    Gurmat Camp

    At the heart of SYANA is our week-long Sikh Gurmat camp. This yearly event aims at bringing together Sikh youth from across North America to an environment where the Sikh way of life can be experienced. Immersed in the inspiring traditions ...

  • Gurmat Retreat

    Gurmat Retreat

    Our Gurmat Retreat serves as a unique opportunity for young Sikhs across North America to come together and spend time in Sangat learning and reflecting on the Guru’s teachings. Developing a longing for the Guru and ...

  • Symposium


    Delving into Sikh literature has long been the avenue with which Sikhs augment their knowledge and understanding of Sikh principles and history. Often used as an adjunct to the study of Gurbani, reading various works on history, philosophy and principles has allowed ...

  • Aasraa Food Pantry

    Aasraa Food Pantry

    The Aasraa Food Pantry, sponsored by the Sikh Youth Alliance of North America has its home in the Sikh Gurdwara of Rochester, MI. Aasraa Food Pantry is a community-based food distribution center providing access to basic food necessities for families ...