Delving into Sikh literature has long been the avenue with which Sikhs augment their knowledge and understanding of Sikh principles and history. Often used as an adjunct to the study of Gurbani, reading various works on history, philosophy and principles has allowed Sikhs to connect with and gain a greater understanding of the Guru. The SYANA Sikh youth symposium strives to foster this dedication and passion to learning amongst our Sikh youth.

Open to all youth ages 6-22, the symposium offers an opportunity for Sikh youth to engage with Sikh literature, spend time with their families discussing various topics and then present their new found knowledge in the setting of their local sangats.

Those who are successful in securing first place at their local chapters are advanced to a regional event where the winners are then presented at the annual International gathering. While public speaking and a friendly spirit of competition are also critical components of the Symposium, the greatest success is in targeting Sikh youth to become passionate about self-learning.

Those who participate in this event will invariably walk away with greater knowledge, a deeper understanding and hopefully a thirst to continue learning about our great heritage.

2022 Symposium Announcements & Documents

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2022 International SYS Family Registration

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Download Books for 2022 SYS


My Guru’s Blessings, Book VI

Download Guru’s Blessings, Book VI: here


Sikh Sakhis for the Youth Part II

Download Sikh Sakhis for the Youth: Part II (English): here


A Brief History of Sikh Gurus

ਦਸ ਗੁਰੂ ਸਾਹਿਬਾਨ
Download A Brief History of Sikh Gurus (English): here
Download ਦਸ ਗੁਰੂ ਸਾਹਿਬਾਨ: here

Symposium Regions

# Region Regional Director Contact Information
1 Bakersfield Manbir Singh
2 Connecticut & Massachusetts Kawaljit Singh
3 Texas Hardeep Kaur
4 Georgia, Alabama & Tampa Ranjit Singh
5 Ontario Harjinder Singh
6 Michigan Daljeet Singh
7 Midwest Navneet Kaur
7 N.C. & S.C. Savinay Pal Singh
8 New Jersey & New York Arvind Kaur
9 Niagra Falls Amarjit Singh
10 Ohio Daljeet Kaur
11 Khalsa Gurmat Center (Seattle, WA) Jasmit Singh
12 Seattle Jasbir Kaur
13 Toronto Indermohan Singh

To join or start a new region email us at:

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