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#syana2017 Gurmat Update #2

Vaaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

It’s hard to believe that another camp is coming to an end. We have been having a wonderful time with all of your children this week, as they have been spending their days learning from our history, being inspired by Gurbaani, and building connections with each other so that we can encourage each other on our path to the Guru.

On Wednesday, students had mid-week evaluations and activities in their classes to gain a better understanding of how they were understanding the material at that point. They were also able to take full advantage of the Camp Copneconic facilities as the YMCA staff led us in water activities during recreation time (swimming for the youngest campers, while older campers could boat and inner tube) and various outdoor activities in the evening, from human foosball to capture the flag.

On Thursday, students continued learning about our Gurus and Sikh leaders, as well as questioning the values that these later leaders used to make their decisions. As our teachers imbue the students with a knowledge of history and gurbaani, they are also teaching them to be critical of that which we hear and develop their own understanding of these events and figures in history with a Gurmat perspective. That evening, we finished the day with our second keertan darbaar, during which the passion and love that the youth have for singing gurbaani was loud and clear as they sang shabads they had learned throughout the week and supported their Sikh siblings while they did the same.

Today, students will be participating in their final day of classes and finishing the day with an outdoor divaan (weather permitting), dastaar competition, and a camp fire to celebrate their time at camp this week. We hope Vaaheguru will bless us with the ability to continue learning, supporting each other as a sangat, and always returning to our love for the Guru long after this week is over.

Finally, we hope that you can join us on Saturday for our final program. During this time, you can see for yourself how much the youth have learned and been inspired this week. Beyond that, you can be inspired yourself, as they have continued to remind us of the true beauty, strength, and resilience in the Sikh panth.

Please join us at 9 AM on Saturday, starting with parbaat phairee (morning parade/procession), a gatka (Sikh martial arts) demonstration at 9:20 AM, and then our final divaan from 9:40 AM until 1 PM, which will be followed by langar.

Vaaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

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