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SYANA 2016 Gurmat Camp: Updates from Day Two and Three

Vaaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaaheguru JI Ki Fateh!

SYANA Gurmat campers had such a blast these past two days! We did a lot of fun and exciting activities and workshops with the campers. On Tuesday, the A and B group campers had the option of participating in the high ropes course and the zip line. The C, D, and E groups had the option of doing reptiles and hikes. Today, the campers participated in water activities! The A groupers went canoeing, the B groupers went tubing, and the C and D groupers participated in inflatable water activities!

Furthermore, our annual Tuesday Keertan Durbar was a HUGE success! We had over 55 campers ready to do their Shabad by the second day of camp!! This was such a huge accomplishment for both the campers and Keertan teachers!

 Lastly, during divans the campers listened to divan talks done by our youth teachers. The first divan talk was on divan protocol where the campers learned about how to behave in a Guru’s Darbar and the purpose of divans. The second divan talk was about Karah Parshaad (Degh). In this divan talk, the campers learned the significance of Degh and the process of making it. The third divan talk was on Ardaas. During this talk, the campers learned what the word “Ardaas” meant and went through the history of Ardaas and all the Shaheeds!

 These past few days have been filled with learning, inspiration, and SO much energy!

 Vaaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

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