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Gurmat Retreat: Update #7

We are just a couple of days away from SYANA Gurmat Retreat 2018 and we can’t wait to see everyone soon!

Our presenters and facilitators are also super excited and hope you are coming with fresh minds and ideas to enjoy this weekend’s talks and workshops. Our final sneak preview is:

A Response to Your Enemies

Dealing with people, emotions, or actions that are harmful to your path as a Gursikh is a staple of daily life. However, learning to actually apply Guru-oriented methods in difficult situations is much different. This workshop will hopefully provide Historical examples of Guru Sahibs facing “enemies” and Gurbani that provides wisdom on where your actions and thoughts should be coming from.

Speaker: Japjyot Singh, Maryland


Remember your towel and check out all the benefits your towel can provide!

You can find a complete list of items to bring on the
Retreat FAQ Section.

Email us if you have any food allergies or specific preferences.  We will have gluten free, dairy free options available for each meal, but we need to let the staff know how many people to prepare for.

As a FYI, with each meal there will be a fruit or soup/salad bar available.  Also, fresh fruit will be available all day.

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