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Gurmat Retreat: Update #6

We are having a poetry/open mic night on Sunday evening.
Please consider sharing a favorite poem, essay, song, or instrument.

We would love to hear your voice!

We are less than a week from this year’s Gurmat Retreat and wanted to continue to share the workshops and activities being planned for the weekend!.

We’re taking a break from our rat races,
To mix with a crowd of cheerful faces;
Some you’ll know, others you won’t recognize,
Let’s make new friends and break some ice.

Run around Camp Storer and find every clue,
Can you piece them together with the help of your crew?
Is it a riddle? A puzzle? A joke? A rhyme?
Find a solution before you run out of time.

Let’s begin this year’s retreat with some fun,
We’ll laugh and learn and tire while we run;
So prepare yourself for this scavenger hunt,
If you win this game, you’ll be in Anand!

Set Your Team Up For Success!

If you haven’t done so yet, please fill out this one question form. It will help us in creating teams for the scavenger hunt.


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