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2019 Gurmat Retreat: Update #8

Vaaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

We are only a few days away from the beginning of retreat and are eagerly awaiting your arrival!



Have you ever thought, where in Gurbani can we find answers about the purpose of life, or how to get rid of anger?

Submit your questions here https://forms.gle/cKu7UxguQFcydH1k8

We are preparing a small workshop through which we hope we will all become more in touch with Gurbani.

Additionally, we’d like to give you the final workshops update!

Seventh Workshop:

ਆਵਾਜ਼ – Awakening the Voice of the Panth:

An immersive workshop explaining the importance of Sikh poetry with an opportunity for all to express their creativity through poems and prose.

Moderator: Japjyot Singh (MD)

Eighth Workshop:

Workshops, Presentations and MORE!

Ever feel nervous about giving a talk or teaching others about a topic? These mini sessions will give you tips and tricks to make your own workshops and presentations. Be prepared to learn and share information in a way that will help you connect with others.

Moderators: Harleen Kaur (MI) & Sangeeta Kaur (MI)

Ninth Workshop:

I Pledge Allegiance

Guru Nanak turned the spiritual and political worlds upside by transfusing both ideals into the life of his Sikhs. This tradition was forged by Charan and then, by the Khanda. This workshop will offer insights on how Miri-Piri relate to one of the most fundamental commitments a Sikh can make: receiving Khandey Ki Pahul. To whom do we owe our allegiance? How can we become engaged citizens of the Khalsa Panth? What responsibilities do we have as constituents of the Akal Takht?

Moderator: Sardar Kuldeep Singh (FL)

Looking forward to a great weekend!

Charhdi Kala,
SYANA Sevadaars

SYANA Communications

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