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2017 Gurmat Retreat Registration Now Open


Vaaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

The Sikh Youth Alliance of America (SYANA) is excited to announce this year’s annual Gurmat retreat will be held from Friday, May 26 to Monday, May 29, 2017. This annual retreat aims to bring together young Sikh adults, ages 18-30, from all over North America. It is with Shabad Veechar, Gurmat based discussions, and peer-induced self reflection that we hope to create an environment leading to individual growth and Panthic progress.

Details of this year’s retreat are as follows:

When: May 26-May 29, 2017
Where: YMCA Camp Storer, Jackson, MI
Who: Young Sikh adults, ages 18-30
Why: Because you make good decisions 🙂

This year’s retreat will focus on the unique and distinct lifestyle of the Sikh collective:

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