Gurmat Retreat May 24 to 27, 2019

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Vaahiguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaahiguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Dear Sangat far & wide,

Registration for this year’s annual Gurmat Retreat is now open! SYANA Gurmat Retreat is an annual tradition that brings together Sikhs of all backgrounds to connect & reflect on the wisdom and daily practice of Sikhi – all while spending a weekend surrounded by nature in Jackson, MI.

This year is especially special. 2019 marks the 550th year since Guru Nanak’s arrival into this world. Guru Nanak instigated a personal and communal revolution that the world has never seen before and yet to fathom. In the words of Bhai Gurdas, “Bliss envelopes the world! Guru Nanak brings freedom in the age-of-ignorance.” (Var 1, Pauri 37). As heirs to this incredible legacy, we center the theme of retreat around Guru Nanak: 1469 to Eternity in hopes to understanding the enigma & revolutionary that was our first Paatshah.

For more details on what we have planned check out our blog.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This retreat is geared toward Sikhs, ages 18 – 35, who are dedicated to strengthening their Sikhi and increasing their knowledge of Sikhism. The hope is to create an environment where open discourse and respectful dialogue can help engage a spirit of lifelong learning.
This year’s retreat will be held at the YMCA Camp Storer in Jackson, MI, located approximately 1.5 hours from Detroit. The campsite is on 1,200 acres of land nestled in farm country on the shores of a 240 acre lake. Exciting outdoor adventures are available and can augment the experience of retreat participants.
Through Keertan Divaans, various workshops, Gurbanee discussions, and debates, we will delve into several topics pertinent to our understanding of the Sikh way of life. We will also have dedicated access to low ropes courses, canoeing, rock climbing, and other activities.
This year, the cost of retreat is $165 per person. This cost covers registration, accommodations, extracurricular activities, facilities, and meals.
The Retreat schedule begins Friday, May 24th at 5:00pm and will end by 1:00pm on Monday, May 27th. Please plan on scheduling your flights to arrive before and after these start and end times. We are unable to arrange transportation outside of these times. If flight times and prices make it easier to arrive one day prior or leave one day after, we will arrange for your accommodations. The nearest airport is Detroit Metro Airport. There is also Amtrak and Greyhound/Megabus accessibility. The first workshop on Friday will set the tone and foundation for the remaining workshops, make every effort to arrive by Friday evening.
Please make sure to bring bedding (sheets/blanket/pillow), appropriate clothing, towels, and toiletries and if interested, sport and swimming gear. The YMCA Camp Storer offers a variety of activities and amenities at the campsite. Mornings and evenings are often cooler and afternoons can warm up significantly. You will also need chunnis/dastaars/rumaals, etc, as it is be mandatory to keep your head covered throughout the retreat.
A few weeks before Retreat we will send out a travel information form.
Regular registration will end May 9th. Late registration is open until May 14th with an additional $25 late fee per adult.


6941 Stony Lake Road
Jackson, MI 49201

Contact Info:
Inderpal Singh (847) 226.0690
Mandeep Singh (314) 537.5669