2017 Gurmat Retreat: Where do you stand?

Be a part of this challenging team exercise at SYANA Gurmat Retreat to figure out how to answer our own questions about the moral, social, political, religious, environmental and economics problems that plague the world today. Learn how to research gurbani, sikh practices, and history to respond to the ethical and real world crises of the current day. #syana2017 #onemoreweek #seeyousoon!

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2017 Gurmat Retreat: Revolutions

“Often times what makes the headlines or hits the history books are those prolific leaders and the milestone events, but that’s rarely where revolutions begin.” – Rubin Paul Singh

As current events have shown us, to take a stand and bring about a paradigm shift requires an enormous change in social thinking. Gurbani and Sikh history tell us that every small action and effort adds up, brings down regimes, alters cultural mindsets and inspires generations forever. Be a part of this intense creative group discussion at SYANA Gurmat Retreat and develop the skills to bring about micro revolutions of your own. #syana2017 #onemoreweek #seeyouthere

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2017 Gurmat Retreat: Those who walked the path

In one of the workshops at SYANA Gurmat Retreat we will learn from our glorious past of Sikh History, of Singhs and Kaurs that sacrificed their all to walk on this difficult path. How they dealt with adversity, and challenged the status quo. Santbir Singh will regale you with the stories of sikhs from the Guru’s period, the times of the Misl, Khalsa Raj, and even contemporary times. These examples of historical figures will illustrate how time and time again, gursikhs have been inspired by Gurbani to walk on the edges of swords.

#syana2017 #seeyouthere!! #goregister! – www.sikhyouthalliance.org/retreat

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2017 Gurmat Retreat: Gurbani Veechar

Wondering what SYANA Gurmat Retreat is all about? Here’s one of the workshops planned: ⠀

The theme shabad for the retreat is the 14th pauri of Anand Sahib: ⠀

ਭਗਤਾ ਕੀ ਚਾਲ ਨਿਰਾਲੀ ॥⠀
Bhagathaa Kee Chaal Niraalee ||⠀
ਚਾਲਾ ਨਿਰਾਲੀ ਭਗਤਾਹ ਕੇਰੀ ਬਿਖਮ ਮਾਰਗਿ ਚਲਣਾ ॥⠀
Chaalaa Niraalee Bhagathaah Kaeree Bikham Maarag Chalanaa ||⠀
ਲਬੁ ਲੋਭੁ ਅਹੰਕਾਰੁ ਤਜਿ ਤ੍ਰਿਸਨਾ ਬਹੁਤੁ ਨਾਹੀ ਬੋਲਣਾ ॥⠀
Lab Lobh Ahankaar Thaj Thrisanaa Bahuth Naahee Bolanaa ||⠀
ਖੰਨਿਅਹੁ ਤਿਖੀ ਵਾਲਹੁ ਨਿਕੀ ਏਤੁ ਮਾਰਗਿ ਜਾਣਾ ॥⠀
Khanniahu Thikhee Vaalahu Nikee Eaeth Maarag Jaanaa ||⠀
ਗੁਰ ਪਰਸਾਦੀ ਜਿਨੀ ਆਪੁ ਤਜਿਆ ਹਰਿ ਵਾਸਨਾ ਸਮਾਣੀ ॥⠀
Gur Parasaadhee Jinee Aap Thajiaa Har Vaasanaa Samaanee ||⠀
ਕਹੈ ਨਾਨਕੁ ਚਾਲ ਭਗਤਾ ਜੁਗਹੁ ਜੁਗੁ ਨਿਰਾਲੀ ॥੧੪॥⠀
Kehai Naanak Chaal Bhagathaa Jugahu Jug Niraalee ||14||⠀

This interactive workshop will allow participants to understand and explore the meanings and myriads of translations through discussions. Shabads from gurbani that expand on this general theme: the path of the saintly ones, the qualities that make a bhagat and how it is possible to attain them will be introduced by the moderators to provide a comprehensive understanding of the topic.⠀

Make sure you register for #syana2017! http://buff.ly/2pHU5k5

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2017 SYANA Camp Registration Opens Tonight

Registration Opens Tonight!

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Just a reminder registration will be opening tonight at 8:30 pm!!

Remember, spots are limited and fill up quickly, so please be sure to register in time.

Please have the following information on hand for registration:

– Valid credit card (in the United States, you can opt for ACH)
– Health insurance info
– Any allergies
– Prescription medication

Please email us at camp@sikhyouthalliance.org with any questions.

We look forward for another amazing year at camp!!


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2017 SYANA GURMAT CAMP Registration Opening Soon!

Registration Opening Soon!

Camp Registration Opens May 10th @ 8:30pm

Vaaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Sikh Youth Alliance of North America (SYANA) is excited to announce this year’s Gurmat camp will be held from July 2nd to July 8th at Camp Copneconic in Fenton, MI – approx. 60 minutes outside of Detroit.

Online registration will open next week on Wednesday, May 10th, 2017 at www.sikhyouthalliance.org/camp. We will be sending out more information on the registration process in the upcoming days.

The annual Gurmat camp has always been SYANA’s flagship endeavor, aimed at giving Sikh youth across North America exposure and access to the Guru’s message, in the hopes of inspiring a life-long commitment to the Sikh way of life.

For over 40 years, SYANA has provided Sikh children across North America with a 1 week summer experience that immerses the youngest members of our Panth in Keertan, Paath, Gurmat, History classes, and most importantly, the benefits of Guru-oriented Sangat.

SYANA Gurmat Camp returns for its third year to Camp Copneconic. Situated on 750 wooded acres around Lake Copneconic, the campsite offers a variety of programming including high ropes courses, archery, ziplines and water activities. A serene and natural atmosphere with dorm-like accommodations will help make sure our campers are comfortable throughout their stay.  We have had great success at this campsite in the past few years and will continue to improve the already amazing camp experience by offering more personalized attention to each one of our campers.

This yearly event aims to bring together Sikh youth from across North America to an environment where the Sikh way of life can be experienced. Immersed in the inspiring traditions of the Sikh faith, these youth capture a glimpse of the Guru’s message in the hopes of encouraging a love for the Sikh path. The camp is structured to encourage relationships that strengthen a spiritual experience through Sangat. In spending a week together, youth create friendships that last a lifetime.

We hope to welcome both veteran and new campers into a week-long adventure of Sikhi-inspired fun and learning.

Vaaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

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2017 Gurmat Retreat Registration Now Open


Vaaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

The Sikh Youth Alliance of America (SYANA) is excited to announce this year’s annual Gurmat retreat will be held from Friday, May 26 to Monday, May 29, 2017. This annual retreat aims to bring together young Sikh adults, ages 18-30, from all over North America. It is with Shabad Veechar, Gurmat based discussions, and peer-induced self reflection that we hope to create an environment leading to individual growth and Panthic progress.

Details of this year’s retreat are as follows:

When: May 26-May 29, 2017
Where: YMCA Camp Storer, Jackson, MI
Who: Young Sikh adults, ages 18-30
Why: Because you make good decisions 🙂

This year’s retreat will focus on the unique and distinct lifestyle of the Sikh collective:

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SYANA 2016 Gurmat Camp: Day One is Over!

Vaaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Day one has wrapped up and we have a lot to tell you! Yesterday after our first divan of #syana2016 we divided into groups for ice breakers where the campers got to know each other. After ice breakers, we got back together for our annual activity — A Pugh’s Life (A dastaar tying activity)!!! During this activity, campers got the chance to learn how to take care of their kes and practice tying different styles of dastars.

Today was the very first day of classes where the kids began learning about Sikh Rehit Maryada, Sikh History from 1700-1800s, Gatka, and Keertan. In the Sikh Rehit Maryada classes, campers delved into what qualities make a good Sikh and how a good Sikh should behave. Similarly, the campers discussed what it meant to have a daily discipline and what it means to have a personal living. Group B and C did a fun activity where they had to come up with group rules and guidelines. The campers quickly realized that creating these disciplines was a difficult task. Creating a few rules and regulations for roughly 35 campers was difficult enough, imagine how much time and communication it must have taken to create the Rehit Maryada!

In the second class, the campers were introduced to Sikh History from the 1700-1800s. This was around the time where Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s physical form left this world and the Guru Ganth and Guru Panth were established. The campers also learned about Banda Singh Bahadar’s life, accomplishments, and after his shaheedi when Sikhs had to retreat into the jungles because there was a price on their heads! Moreover, the instructors highlighted the importance of staying in chardi kala during these hard and dark times and always being in discipline! Group B Sikh History campers did an activity where they had to imagine they were the Sikh soldiers living in the jungle and had to live without food or family for weeks. If these Sikhs had the opportunity to send a letter home to their families, what would they say? After getting into the mindset of these Sikhs and writing the letters, the campers talked about staying in chardi kala and always being positive!

In Gatka Class, Groups A and B were split into two groups. The first group worked on footwork and range of attack. The second group practiced shastar vidya and the panthra, the Gatka warm-up. The techniques learned are fundamental basics which will help the campers advance and create a better Sant Sipahi lifestyle!

Last but not least, the campers had keertan class. During this class, the campers are taught a shabad which they will have to recite during divan. This year, our shabad is:

ਤਿਸੁ ਗੁਰਸਿਖ ਕੰਉ ਹੰਉ ਸਦਾ ਨਮਸਕਾਰੀ ਜੋ ਗੁਰ ਕੈ ਭਾਣੈ ਗੁਰਸਿਖੁ ਚਲਿਆ ।੧੮।

This Gursikh Kau, Hau Sada Namaskara, Jo Gur Kai Bhaanai Gurasikh Chaliaa |18|

This shabad, written by Guru Raam Das Ji, discusses how those GurSikhs who walk on the path of Sikhi and walk towards Vaheguru are forever blessed! Each day, campers learn one tukh of the shabad and by the end of the week, the campers should understand and know the meaning of the whole shabad! So, make sure you ask your kids about the theme shabad!!

The campers were full of energy and ready to learn a lot today! We can’t wait to send you more updates throughout the week!

Vaaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

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